Optional coverages


Collision and Comprehensive Insurance

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance provides extensive coverage for collision and damages to your car due to vandalism, fire, theft, glass breakage, storms, hail, snow fall, and a number of other causes.  This insurance is known as First-Party coverage because it protects your vehicle and it is not required under French Law.  If you’re driving a car purchased or financed through a lender, it may be required to carry collision insurance.  To meet that requirement or if you simply want coverage to protect your vehicle, this all-inclusive insurance coverage should be considered.


Fire / theft / Glass Breakage Insurance

Fire, Theft, and Glass Breakage is another First-Party insurance designed to cover damages to your vehicle in the event fire or theft.

Although this coverage is not as extensive as Collision and Comprehensive insurance, it includes glass breakage coverage for your windshield and headlights, as well as coverage for the theft of accessories such as stereo equipment, etc.
Depending on the circumstances, it may also cover damages due to storms, hail, and snow fall. Although not mandatory, this is a frequently subscribed coverage.


Driver's Personal Protection

If you suffer bodily injury following an auto accident, Aon’s unique Driver’s Personal Protection provides reimbursement up to €200,000.
Driver’s Personal Protection covers bodily injury as a result of an auto accident that you may cause, or in certain instances, where there is no liable third party to cover you for personal injury.
This optional insurance coverage is offered to protect you for those particular situations.


Aon Assistance : 24/7 Roadside and Medical Assistance

This optional coverage is twofold. It provides roadside assistance when you are travelling in FranceEurope, and neighbouring countries and also medical assistance when travelling outside of France.

• Roadside assistance
Assistance is provided at any time, day or night, when there is a problem with your car. For a breakdown or simply a flat tire, you can call Aon Assistance 24/7, and someone will come to fix your tire or tow your car if necessary. In some instances, Aon Assistance will arrange for a replacement vehicle. In case of theft, a replacement vehicle will be provided for up to 35 days.

New! Our new points recovery cover helps speed up the process by which you can recover points lost on your driver's license due to the application of the French penalty point driving license system.

• Medical assistance
If you are travelling and need medical care during a personal trip outside of France (including Canada or the USA), you can receive up to €100,000 in reimbursement of medical expenses incurred.


Bonus Discount plan

If you have no prior claims, you may be eligible for a "bonus" discount on your car insurance premium.  The discount is based on the number of years you have been "claim free."  Unlike many insurance brokers or agents in France, we will accept a claims history report, even if it is not in French, from your prior insurer, either in your home country or elsewhere.  Your claims history report will be used to determine your bonus discount.


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