Frequently Asked Questions about Health Insurance


How well will I be covered under the public health insurance plan?

It depends on the kind of healthcare. For instance, a visit to your doctor will be covered up to 70% of the government-recommended rate of a consultation, regardless of how much your doctor actually charges. "Top-Up" policies are designed to complement the Sécurité Sociale coverage and reimburse for all or part of the expenses not covered by the public plan.


How much should I expect to pay for a "Top-Up" policy?

Prices will vary depending on a number of factors. You can lower your premium by choosing to pay a deductible or co-payment amount on each medical bill. If you prefer more expensive care by specialists or private hospitals, your premium will be higher. There are different levels of “Top-Up” policies from which to choose. You need to decide which option best meets your needs as well as your budget. Also, keep in mind that healthcare costs are less expensive in France than in most other western countries because the government regulates tariffs.


As a pensioner, what coverage do I need?

While pensioner are not required to join the public health system, you will need a specific plan that covers all of your medical expenses. Even if you benefit from a health insurance plan in your home country, the plan may not cover medical expenses abroad. As an insurance broker, Aon can recommend and provide a health insurance plan that meets your specific needs.


What is the process for payment of medical expenses in France?

Patients are usually requested to pay their medical bills. The French are used to writing a cheque every time they consult a doctor. They later send the doctor's bill to their health insurance provider in order to be reimbursed. Within a couple of days, reimbursement usually occurs as a credit to their bank account.


Does the pay first rule apply to most healthcare service providers?

The exception to the pay first rule is found in pharmacies, public hospitals and a few healthcare providers. With the patient’s Social Security card, the healthcare provider or pharmacist can bill the health insurance provider directly. While not all private insurance plans offer the convenience of direct billing, with Aon you can be assured that your policy will include the direct bill option.