Frequently Asked Questions about Home Insurance


I rent, do I really need Insurance cover?

Yes, for two reasons.

The first reason is that it is mandatory. All tenants are required by law to be insured for any damage they may cause to the property. In fact, you may not be able to move in if you do not show a proof of insurance!

The second reason is that the Home Insurance package offers protection for all of your personal belongings and furniture against the risk of fire and water damage, and a number of other perils.

In addition, the liability coverage included in the package covers any damage or loss that you may cause to others, no matter where it occurs. This third-party liability coverage would provide valuable protection if you ever were held responsible for an accidental injury or damage to others due to negligence.


Is insurance more expensive if I own my home?

No, Home insurance in France doesn't vary depending on your status as a homeowner or a tenant.
Insurance premiums are usually the same in both cases. Just check the "Homeowner" or “Tenant” box when filling out the application form.
In the event of a claim, this indicates to us which coverage that applies. For example, damage to the building would be covered by First-party insurance if you're a homeowner, and by Third-party liability if you rent.


How much liability coverage is included in Tenants Insurance

Whether you are a tenant or a homeowner, our Home Insurance liability covers damages due to bodily injury to others up to the value of €4.5 million.


Are legal fees covered under Home Insurance liability?

Legal defence is included in a Home Insurance policy, but only for the risks already covered by the policy (i.e. fire, water damage, etc.). If you want extra coverage, please be sure to ask us about additional legal protection.


Is it easy to claim for water damage?

In most cases, you mayface a long and complicated process, involving negotiations with the adjuster and the contractors. Through our unique Photo Assessment system based on digital photography and a network of specialists, repairs to your home will be made quickly, easily and hassle-free.