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Moving Insurance in France

When you are moving from your home country to France, you are entrusting the removing company with all or part of your possessions.  While the removal company carries insurance for any damage they may cause to your personal effects and furniture, the limits of their liability tend to be extremely low compared to the true value of your property.

When you consider how impossible it is to guarantee that all of your property will arrive in France in the same condition as when it left your home, it is extremely important that your property is adequately insured before you move.


Moving Insurance Guide

Whatever the means of transportation for your move, you should consider having your own specific Moving Insurance policy that covers your belongings in the event of breakage, theft, disappearance, fire or water damage.

The policy covers all your personal effects, furniture and valuables that you are bringing with you to France as part of the move.

When applying for Moving Insurance, you should be sure to get full value protection which will pay for the repair or replacement of damaged property.  Your moving company will probably try to sell you moving insurance as an option, which is convenient but far from economical.  At Aon, we provide full value protection at very competitive rates, due to the purchasing power of the group policy.

Our moving Insurance cover offers the following benefits:                                                                           

  • Very competitive prices -- Since we negotiated our Moving Insurance as part of a group program, you will benefit from purchasing power of the group.
  • It's easy and convenient to apply -- All that is needed to join our group policy is a copy of your itemised inventory of whatever you plan to move.                                                                                                                     
  • Coverage you can count on -- Our policy is underwritten through the Paris office of one of the most reliable US-based insurance companies. Issued in Paris, our policy offers the benefits of French Moving Insurance policies which provide more coverage than policies underwritten in other countries.
  • We handle claims -- This will save you the hassle of contacting the insurance company, which would be all the more complicated if you had applied locally in your home country.                                                                                                                    

Whether you are moving to France or back to your home country, we would appreciate the opportunity to make your move as stress-free as possible.                                             

Moving Tips 

Take a detailed inventory, take photos, and keep a copy of receipts

It is very important to take a detailed inventory of everything you plan to move.  It's also a good idea to keep a copy of any purchase receipts, take photos, and secure evaluations for your more valuables belongings.  Should any of your property be damaged or stolen during your move, the settlement of your claim will depend on how much evidences you can produce.  For more usual items, such as linen, a standard rate will apply regardless of the actual value.

Remember that an inventory is needed for French Customs

Establishing a detailed inventory can be complicated, but keep in mind that you will need an inventory for French customs when you arrive.  Although, perhaps, tempted to underrate the value of things when dealing with customs, it is not a good idea when it comes to insurance.  You want to be sure that you are covered for the full value if any damage should occur to your belongings while in transit.

Be sure to get full value protection

For Moving Insurance, full value protection will pay for the repair or replacement of damaged property.

Be present at delivery and report any damage

Try to be present the day of delivery. Check for any apparent damage to your furniture and don't hesitate to report them directly on the receipt that you'll sign.


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