Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Accident Coverage


What is a personal accident?

A personal accident or "un accident de la vie privée" is any accident that personally befalls you. Under our Personal Accident Insurance Policy, you would be covered for any accident that occurs in your home, on vacation, as a result of a disaster or catastrophe, anywhere and anytime, with the only exclusions involving auto-related accidents or accidents that occur in the workplace or are work-related as when travelling on company business.


What kind of benefits will I receive if I am accidentally injured and suffer a disability?

Payment of benefits will be based on the disability rate established by a medical doctor, after assessing the severity of your injury and degree of disability. Payment of benefits is also based on your individual financial needs and is intended to cover you for financial loss as a result of your injury. In the event of a serious or fatal injury as a result of a personal accident, you and your family could receive up to €1 million.


Am I covered for personal accident by my home insurance?

No, under your home insurance package policy, you are covered for liability if you cause an accidental inujury to others but not if you or a family member fall victim to an accident.


Am I covered for personal accident by the Sécurité Sociale's health insurance?

Your health insurance will cover medical expenses only, but would nos compensate for your financial loss and emotional distress, as with a Personal Accident Insurance policy.


If another person caused me an accidental injury, wouldn't they be responsible to pay for my injuries and loss?

That is correct, but accidents are not alwas caused by another person. In fact, aside from auto accidents, most accidents occur with no on else involved. Why take a chance when you can protect your family's financial security and your peace of mind a Personal Accident Insurance policy.