Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident Insurance in France

Regardless of where you live, accidents happen.  Along with the physical and emotional trauma an accident can cause, it may also have serious, even devastating, financial effects on you and your family.  While some accidents can't be avoided, you can alleviate the financial burden that often accompanies them.


Personal Accident Insurance Guide

Personal Accident Insurance provides protection with up to €1 million if you suffer death or a disabling injury as a result of any of the following events:

  • Domestic accidents or accidents that occur in the home
  • Accidents occuring during the pursuit of sports or leisure
  • Medical accidents
  • Acts of terror, violence, murder
  • Natural or technological disasters

Note: Personal Accident Insurance does not include or cover any auto-related accidents or
accidents that occur in the workplace or are work-related as when travelling on company business.


Personal Accident Insurance Benefits

If you are injured as a result of a personal accident, payment of benefits will be based on the disability rate established by a medical doctor, after assessing the severity of your injury and degree of disability.  The disability rate must be at least 10% or higher for your benefits to begin.  Your lump sum benefits can be used to compensate for:

  • your financial loss and emotional distress
  • the cost of modifying your home or your vehicle to suit your disability
  • your personal injury and/or aesthetic injury
  • funeral expenses in the event of death

Personal Accident Insurance also offers a variety of services, including:

  • assistance in resuming a professional occupation
  • emotional counselling
  • funeral planning
  • childcare or school support services if hospitalisation is required

With our Personal Accident Insurance (Garantie des Accidents de la vie, or GAV), you or any family member could receive up to €1 million in the event of disabling or fatal injury as a result of a personal accident.  Protect your family's financial security and your peace of mind.


Personal Accidents Insurance FAQs

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