Schoolchildren Insurance


Schoolchildren Insurance in France
If you have a child or children who will be attending school in France, a separate specific insurance policy will be required.  Known as "Assurance Scolaire", it is highly recommended by the French Ministry of Education, and is a prerequisite for children in most schools.  Without the proper coverage certificate, a student may be denied access to all extra-curricular activities, such as field days or museum visits with the school.


What's Required?

Schoolchildren Insurance is required for children attending school in France and includes two main coverages:

  • Third-party liability provides coverage if your child causes an accidental injury to another child or accidental damage to another child’s belongings.
  • Coverage for your child is provided should your child fall victim to an accident.

Payment of benefits will be based on the disability rate established by the doctor after assessing the extent of injury and the degree of disability.

This specialised insurance also provides a "Helpline" for educational assistance in the event that the injured child is unable to attend class following a covered accident.


                 To apply, simply return the completed and signed application form (PDF 30.95KB) by post to:

                Aon Assurance

                     Dept InsureXpat

                     31-35, rue de la Fédération

                     75717 Paris Cedex 15