Frequently Asked Questions about Schoolchildren Insurance


What happens if my child is accidentaly injured and suffers a disability?
Your child’s injury and disability would be assessed and a disability rating established by the doctor.  Benefits would then be payable up to €152K in the event of a permanent disability.


Does Schoolchildren Insurance pay for the medical expenses as a result of an accidental injury?
Yes, the Schoolchildren Insurance would reimburse you for any medical expenses that your health insurance wouldn't cover.  Except for specific categories of healthcare (optical, dental...), there is no limit to the medical coverage included in the Schoolchildren Insurance.


Am I obligated to buy the Schoolchildren Insurance through the school?
No, you are not obligated to buy through the school.  In fact, you should always compare the market to make sure you get the best value.


To apply, simply return the completed and signed form (PDF 30.95KB) by post to:

                                                                 Aon InsureXpat UPI 40-500

                                                                 420 rue d'Estienne d'Orves

                                                                 92500 Colombes