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Car Insurance in France 

Getting the right coverage at the right price

When living in France, understanding your automobile insurance coverage is an important part of being a driver.

French law requires Auto Liability Insurance for damage and injury that you may cause to others.  Optional coverages for personal bodily injuries or vehicle damage are recommended but not required by law.  Getting the right mix of coverage suited to your needs is as important as securing the right price.

What's required?

Automobile Liability Insurance, also referred to as Third-Party Liability insurance, is required by French Law to operate any motor vehicle. It protects against the cost of property damage and bodily injury that you may cause to another in an automobile accident. This insurance automatically includes coverage for legal assistance and defence costs for any lawsuits of your liability

Once insured, you will receive a proof of insurance certificate that must be affixed to your windshield.  Sometimes referred to as a "carte verte" (literally "green card"), this certificate is required when driving throughout Europe and a number of surrounding countries.

Along with proof of insurance (i.e green card), you will also receive a standard accident report form, called "constat amiable d'accident".  In the event of an auto accident, the form is to be completed and signed by both drivers and allows space for each to include a written and graphic description of the accident.  The constat amiable is a carbon copy form that provides each driver with a copy to send to their respective insurers.  You should be careful when filling in the motor accident claim form with the other driver so as to avoid any future disputes.  It is important to note that only the pages signed on the front by both parties count legal proof.

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