Health Insurance

Health Insurance in France 

Health Insurance in France

Did you know you are required to have health Insurance coverage when applying for residency in France?  Once settled as a resident, you can then apply to join the French Public Health Insurance system.  At the point, many people elect to subscribe to what's called a "Top-Up" policy that will reimburse for all or part of the expenses not covered by the public system.

What's required ?

If you come to France for professional reasons, chances are you will join one of the government's health insurance plans (assurance maladie de la sécurité sociale).  In fact, 88% of all French households are covered by the public health insurance system.  If you are employed by a French company, you will have no choice but to subscribe to this mandatory scheme.  Part of your health insurance premiums will be debited automatically from your monthly pay and the other part paid by the employer.

France's comprehensive Health Insurance may provide coverage for the following healthcare categories:  

• Hospitalisation
• Non-Hospitalisation Benefits
• Prescription Drugs & Medical Equipment
• Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
• Dental & Optical Cover
• Emergency Healthcare is provided to everyone

You should be aware, however, that the Sécurité Sociale's health insurance plan covers only about 70% of actual medical fees.  So you may need to consider insurance for the expenses not covered by the Sécurité Sociale.  A "Top-Up" policy is designed to complement the Sécurité Sociale's coverage and is generally referred to as assurance complémentaire or mutuelle.

Price for "Top-Up" coverage will vary depending on a number of factors, including :

• Duration of your stay in France

• Whether you chose to pay a deductible or co-pay with each medical bill, or if you prefer to be reimbursed every euro you spend

• If you need higher limits to cover more expensive care, such as select private hospitals, spa treatments, etc.

Whatever your personal needs or situation with regards to Health Insurance, we can assist you in making the right choice of coverage. An English-speaking representative is ready to answer your questions, familiarise you with the health insurance system in France, and provide no-obligation insurance quotations as quickly as needed.


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