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Home Insurance in France 

Did you know that if you own or rent a home in France, you are legally required to insure it before you move in?

Home Insurance or "Assurance Multirisque Habitation" is considered necessary because it covers your home and its contents, and includes liability coverage for you and your family -- hence its name "multirisque habitation".

What's required? Assurance Multirisque Habitation

This insurance package provides property and liability coverage under one contract.
This contract is designed for owner-occupied homes or tenants residing in an apartment and provides coverage for a wide range of risks.  Legally required if you rent or own a home in France, this policy covers loss or damage to your home and its contents, and includes third-party liability coverage for damages due to bodily injury or property damage to others.

Home Insurance in FranceYour home and its contents are covered for the following risks  :

§  Fire, explosion, thunder

§  Storm and natural disasters

§  Water damage, or damages due to freezing of pipes or appliances

§  Theft and vandalism

§  Breakage of glass window panes

You and your family are covered for third-party liability resulting from:

• The consequences of any damage or loss that you, your family, or any permanent resident in your home, may cause to others and for which you may be liable.

• The consequences of any damage or loss that you may cause to your landlord (if you are a renter), or to the owner of any place where you may reside, even during your vacation.

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